Grand Impressions Custom Rodeo Flags
"Make a Grand Impression"
Grand Impressions welcomes all inquiries and
questions!  We have provided answers to some of our
most common questions and hope that this information
will help in assisting your needs.
1.        How much does a custom rodeo flag cost?

A.        Our flags start at $450.00 (including shipping), with most flags being
priced under $550.00.  All flags are priced based on a double sided flag
and bordering fringe is included.  Complexity of design and                     
amount of time to complete the order are the two main                              
pricing factors. Discounts are given on multiple orders and vary based on logo,
please email us for specific discount information.
2.        What is the difference between an appliqued flag and a screenprinted flag?

A.          Applique means that each individual letter and figure are cut out of fabric by hand, heat
affixed and then sewn onto the main body of the flags. This process ensures an extremely
durable flag with a secure logo that won't peel or flake as some print processes do.  The
appliqued flags are a little more expensive than the printed flags, primarily because of the extra
hours of labor involved. However, appliqued flags are much longer lasting and an overall better
investment.  We also line our flags to prevent show through and the logos are always on both
sides - not just one as some companies make them. This ensures that your investment and
logo are always visible when the flags are in use.  Our flags are also safe for dry-cleaning,
which lengthens their life span.  You can expect to get several YEARS of use out of our flags!

3.        Will the logo be on both sides?

A.        YES.  It is our policy to make flags with logos on both sides.

4.        Will the flag have fringe?

A.        YES.  Our  flags always include bordering fringe at no additional  cost.
5.        When will my flag be ready?

A.        This depends greatly upon the time of year that your flag is ordered.  March - December
are our busiest months.  Our standard policy is to accommodate every request, even on short  
deadlines.  At the time of order, a specific delivery date is requested.  If we can guarantee     
delivery by the date you need your flag in hand, we will proceed with the order.   

6.        How do I order?

A.        Please email a high resolution logo  to us at (.jpg or pdf files are
fine).  I will review the logo and reply back with a quote for you (generally within a few hours).

7.        We don't have a logo - can you help us?

A.        YES.  We are happy to assist you in creating a design for your flag.

8.        When is payment due?

A.        Payment is due in full at time of order.